Ed Kay: not horsing around when it comes to shoes

By Gordon Lambie Local Journalism Initiative
Ed Kay: not horsing around when it comes to shoes
(Photo : Louise Abbott)

Ed Kay of Saint-Catherine-de-Hatley says that his work shoeing horses could keep him busy seven days a week if he let it.
“It’s a full time job,” he said, pointing out that although some people might think of putting shoes on a horse as something from pioneer days, he has more than enough work to keep him busy both in his own neighbourhood, and on the road.
For those who may not know, Kay explained that the work of farriers like him, craftspeople who trim and shoe horses’ feet, is of great importance to working animals and show horses.
“The horses that stay out in the field; most of them don’t have any shoes on because they’re not doing anything other than walking around in the grass and eating,” he said. “Their feet really don’t wear out, they just kind of grow, but if you bring that same horse into a sand ring and start working them, the foot will start to wear down, like they’re on sandpaper.”

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