Ed sector protests continue

Ed sector protests continue
(Photo : Michael Boriero)

Record Staff

Members of the Syndicat des professionnelles et professionnels de l’éducation de l’Estrie (SPPEE-CSQ) formed a picket line outside the École secondaire du Triolet Wednesday morning excersing another half-day strike. The union, which is part of the Fédération des professionnelles et professionnels de l’éducation du Québec (FPPE-CSQ), is upset with the lack of movement from the Quebec government, as they have yet to provide an attractive offer at the sectorial and intersectorial table. This comes just a day after teachers’ unions accepted the government’s sectorial settlement proposal. SPPEE-CSQ President Martin Côté (far left) told The Record that he is worried about causing a divide between teachers and professionals. “The risk we’re living right now is that if you give more to the teachers, who deserve every penny, you risk creating an imbalance with other groups who have similar education backgrounds,” said Côté. Professionals are tired, he continued, there are few resources available, and people are leaving the public sector for better positions in the private sector. Another strike with members from the same union was held at Richmond Regional High School.

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