Emergency demolitions at ­Sherbrooke’s municipal garage

By Gordon Lambie
Emergency demolitions at ­Sherbrooke’s municipal garage

The City of Sherbrooke will be demolishing two structures in its municipal garage complex and overhauling a third after it was discovered that the structures were in a state that made them potentially hazardous to city personnel. Pavilions A and D of the complex, an office space and warehouse that share a wall, are sitting empty and set to be torn down while Pavilion E, the maintenance workshop, requires immediate temporary work to help keep the garage operational until the entire operation is moved to a new site in 2019.
“We will put out a call for tenders on Tuesday for the demolition of two buildings of the municipal garage” explained Sherbrooke Mayor Bernard Sévigny. “We expect the work to happen at the end of March or beginning of April.”
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