Estrie Aide bike sale back after two-year hiatus

Estrie Aide bike sale back after two-year hiatus
Honorine Mandiame, Sandra Morin, Ivan Zamora, Sherbrooke Mayor Évelyne Beaudin, Estrie Aide Director General Michel Lesage, Henry Riedl and Alexandra Lallier-Cabana, gearing up for the Estrie Aide annual bike sale, back after a two-year break due to Covid. (Photo : Aiden Wilson)

By Aiden Wilson
Special to The Record

Estrie Aide’s popular bike sale is back in action after a two-year break.
On May 14 from 8 a.m. till noon in the Estrie Aide donation center at 356, rue Wellington Sud, people can find a selection of close to 400 used bikes, all inspected, cleaned and repaired, ready for sale.
Those interested are encouraged to go early though, as even with a one bike per person limit, they’re known to sell quick.
Cash, debit and credit will be accepted however checks will not.
An additional 78 bikes have also been donated by the Sherbrooke Police Service, whose owners were, unfortunately, never identified.
However, anyone whose bike was stolen is encouraged to visit Estrie Aide on May 13 between 9 a.m. and noon, where they can reclaim their property free of charge, provided they have the original receipt, verified by an on-site police officer.
Over the past decade of running this event, Estrie Aide has given over 4,100 bikes new homes, to the delight of both the environment and those with a new ride.
Bikes of all shapes and sizes are up for grabs including mountain bikes, street bikes, and even those for kids.
Sherbrook Mayor Évelyne Beaudin stated, “I can only rejoice at the idea of meeting even more citizens on bicycles in the future.”
Director general of Estrie Aide, Michel Lesage, added, “this would not have been possible without the donations of the population,” with a warm thank you going out to all those who contributed to this year’s event.
A special thank you was also given to the bike cooperative La Déraille. Members of the coop will be available to provide minor mechanical adjustments on site after the purchase of a bike, free of charge.
Estrie Aide is proud to provide its community with good bikes at a good price, encouraging sustainable and fun mobility for the region.
After the event’s two years on ice due to COVID-19, it seems like people are more than eager to hit the bike trails again, and with the weather getting nice it’s never been a better time to pick up two new wheels for the summer.

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