ETSB caught ­between a bill and a hard ­election

By Matthew McCully


It’s still business as usual at the Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB), spared temporarily from the effects of Bill 40 along with other English boards.
But things are about to get weird.
The board, which is mounting a court challenge against the school governance reform bill, also has a legal obligation to hold school board elections this year, scheduled for Nov 1. 2020.
The trouble is, the upcoming election must be held under the existing rules laid out in Bill 40.
That means instead of electing a new council of commissioners for the school board, voters will be electing a board of directors for the school service centre.
So, the current council of commissioners, in addition to the regular management of the 27 schools and centres on its territory and along with the fact that it is a negotiating year for teacher collective agreements, is charged with holding an election for its successors in the absence of government support previously available for elections.


See the full story in Thursday, February 27 edition of The Record

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