ETSB continues to work on ventilation issue in schools

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
ETSB continues to work on ventilation issue  in schools
Mike Murray, ETSB Chairman (Photo : Matthew McCully)

With the weather dropping steadily and the first real snow fall right around the corner, Quebecers are openly challenging the government’s plan for schools, as suspect ventilation and safety of students, teachers and staff continue to be in question.
Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB) Chairman Mike Murray spoke to The Record about the difficulties that lie ahead for many schools and some of the board’s solutions. The chairman frankly stated that school’s will be opening windows during the winter months.
“We do open windows in the winter time, that’s something that happens routinely to air out schools,” Murray said. “Now we don’t do it with students sitting in their classes, or teachers in the building, but after hours we open windows and air things out.”
However, there are concerns about overall ventilation throughout the day, he admitted. Whether Health Minister Christian Dubé wants to admit it or not, there is a very real problem with aerosols and transmission of COVID-19 in schools, Murray continued.

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