Every litter bit hurts the environment

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Every litter bit hurts the environment

By Taylor McClure, Special to Brome County News – Knowlton resident and environmentalist Marc Pelletier has stepped up his concern for the local environment with a team of volunteers and a group called “Action Lac-Brome, which aims to engage others in the community in cleanup efforts efforts. “Action Lac-Brome hopes to get as many people as possible who walk around regularly, to pick up a bag.” Pelletier explained, “We want people to commit to cleaning.” On April 28th, Earth Day, Pelletier and a town councillor in charge of the environment, organized a walk to pick up the garbage around the Knowlton area. Vests and gloves were provided to the 75 volunteers who showed up to contribute their time to Earth Day. “There was positive energy after contributing to this good cause and I wanted to use this momentum to continue this cleanup along the roadside.” Thus “Action Lac-Brome was created. Read the full story in the May 28 edition of the Brome County News.

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