Ex-Townshipper aims to rollerblade 350km for her 80th birthday

By Michael Boriero
Ex-Townshipper aims to rollerblade 350km for her 80th birthday
(Photo : Courtesy)

Sonya Bardati is planning to celebrate her 80th birthday in style on Aug. 9, by taking off on a roughly 350-kilometre rollerblading trek from Port Hardy to Parksville, B.C.
Bardati spent most of her life in the Eastern Townships before moving to Victoria, B.C. with her late husband Roberto in 1998. She has always strived for an active lifestyle.
Bardati and Roberto often participated in physical challenges, including a bike trip across Canada in 2002, and she said she has been dreaming of doing a long distance rollerblading challenge ever since. Her late husband thought it was a ludicrous idea, but as time wore on, and with her 80th birthday approaching, the challenge popped back into her head.
Her new husband, Ken Reid, has been encouraging her every step of the way. He has promised to support her by driving their van with the hazard lights on behind her throughout the entire journey. But her past experience will also be useful when she takes off next month.
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