Expansion project in the works for Villa Pierrot

By Marie-Camille Théorêt, Special to The Record
Expansion project in the works for Villa Pierrot
(Photo : Villa Pierrot)

Magog non-profit organization Villa Pierrot is working on a large expansion project and plans on adding 3,000 square feet to its existing space by September 2021. It will create a child drop-in facility and provide new external services to low-income single mothers in the MRC.
Villa Pierrot was founded in 2009 and currently offers 21 transitory apartments for single mothers in need with one or more children under five years old. The general director Christine Meunier estimated that the average stay is two-and-a-half years, but residents can stay for up to five years if needed. The organization provides low rent, community activities, services for children and helps mothers achieve their life objectives.

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