Fall brings new team for Centraide Estrie

By Reann Fournier, Special to The Record
Fall brings new team for Centraide Estrie
Marie-Claude Landry (Photo : Courtesy)

At the annual general meeting for Centraide Estrie, several executive seats were filled by experienced leaders in the community.
Marie-Claude Landry, an experienced philanthropist and previous Executive Director for Heritage Montreal, officially joined the team as the Director of Philanthropy, and after several years working in different areas of the organization, Ismael Sondarjée took up the role as president.
“I come from a very privileged background and was raised that giving back is important,” said Landry. “When I arrived in the area, having an impact in my new community was a priority for me, and joining the Centraide Estrie team was the perfect opportunity.”
Over the years, Landry has led several fundraising campaigns and programs in the Montreal area. As the new Director of Philanthropy, she has outlined three priorities for her term; broadening the network of corporate partners, increasing engagement of current partners, and diversifying the source of philanthropic revenues.
“In order for local organizations and programs to pursue their mission, mostly sustained by Centraide Estrie’s support, we need to always be increasing philanthropic revenues,” said Landry. In order to do so, she has proposed personalized cultivation and adaptation to the fundraising tools and strategies to meet specific organizations’ and programs’ needs.
According to Landry, building relationships with community leaders and entrepreneurs is essential to accomplish her goals as Director of Philanthropy. “I’m always amazed to meet people who do amazing things, but work in the shadows,” she said. “We can learn a lot from them.”
As president, Ismael Sondarjée plans to incorporate similar business practices. “We’ve been shy in the past, we didn’t want to release exact targets for campaigns or create any waves,” he said. “Last year, we had the highest grossing campaign in the last 40 years with an increase of 30 per cent.”
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