Farm flooding frustrations

Farm flooding frustrations

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative


Ferme Wera, known for its strawberries and other produce, is experiencing major flooding due to the recent rainy weather. The farm is located at the corner of routes 143 and 147, just south of Lennoxville. Karine Choinière, from the ‘Food Truck’ the business runs on route 147 just across from Marché Ferme Beaulieu, gave The Record the scoop on how the recent flooding is affecting the business.

“We hope it stops raining one day, because this is too much water,” Choinière explained. There is nothing they can do until the water recedes, she said. Wera’s trademark strawberry crop could be ruined if the weather does not change. “They [the strawberries] still look okay, but this has to stop.” If the bad weather persists until the end of August, it could prove disastrous.

Two bouts of flooding in one week in July is unprecedented, she said. This is one of the worst seasons she can remember.

The ‘Food Truck’ is a new addition to the operation. From it, Wera sells products such as strawberries, blueberries, and sweet corn as crops become available. Yellow beans and cucumbers will be sold there soon.

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