Father’s Day from the perspective of a ­family with two dads

By Gordon Lambie
Father’s Day from the perspective of a ­family with two dads
No matter what direction an LGBT couple chooses to go down to have a child, there are added challenges involved (Photo : Courtesy of the LGBT Families Coalition)

This past Sunday was Father’s Day, meaning that all across the world children presented their very best in macaroni-crafting and handmade cards in the shape of a button-down shirt and tie to the people in their lives they call “Dad.” These days, however, fatherhood does not always look like that pressed and perfect classical father figure that shows up in Dick and Jane books. Take the case of Pierre, for example. “For us, adoption was completely natural,” said Pierre, who is on the path to adoption of a foster child with his same-sex partner. “There are children who need a family and we need a child, so why not adopt?” Pierre, who can only be identified by his first name to protect the identity of his foster child, said that he often forgets that his family is on the pathway to legal adoption. “We don’t feel like foster parents, we really feel like parents,” he reflected, saying that often it is the comments of others that lead him to remember that all is not said and done when it comes to the formal adoption process yet. “We’re always looking at the long term.” See full story in the Monday, June 17 edition of The Record.

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