February Festive Hearts month in Potton

By Mable Hastings
February Festive Hearts month in Potton
(Photo : Courtesy)

Despite the limitations of pandemic regulations, the Municipality of Potton is celebrating its Annual Festive Hearts month this February by encouraging youth and families to get outdoors and build a snowman together. Mother Nature has done her part in assuring the plan will succeed by dumping a tremendous amount of the fluffy white stuff this past week.

Festive Hearts month aims to get people to partake in heart healthy activities to assure the well-being of citizens everywhere. The Potton Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee (CCPP) is offering most of its hearth healthy program this year via the ZOOM platform with the exception of the snowman contest.

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Mable Hastings’ Scoop published on Monday about the Potton Festive Hearts activities mistakenly drew from information about last year’s event.
While the snowman contest will continue as planned, due to Covid, the other activities mentioned in the article were suspended this year.
The Record regrets this error and any confusion it may have caused.

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