Fire consumes Orford hotel overnight

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Fire consumes Orford hotel overnight
(Photo : Michael Boriero)

The Hôtel du Parc Orford, located at the corner of Chemin du Parc and Chemin de la Montagne in Orford Township, caught fire late Monday evening.
The building’s roof is mostly charred and the fire gutted several rooms. The blaze caused significant structural damage with debris scattered around the building, and was covered in snow, when The Record arrived at the scene Tuesday morning.
According to the hotel’s owner, Zili Zhu, the fire erupted rather quickly, but it took a few minutes to realize exactly what was going on. It was 10 p.m. when the fire began to rage, but Zhu has trouble with his sight, especially when it gets dark outside.
“I checked around and I didn’t see a fire because the fire started at the other end. I couldn’t see because I wear glasses; I can’t see too far at night,” said Zhu, adding that the fire continued for roughly five hours.

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