Firefighters remove hazardous material in 15-hour affair

By David Rossiter, Special to The Record
Firefighters remove hazardous material in 15-hour affair
Three Sherbrooke firefighters wearing green Level B hazmat suits and self-contained breathing apparatus prepare to enter the industrial building that kept them occupied for more than 15 hours. (Photo : Bruce Porter)

On Friday evening in the Rock Forest neighborhood of Sherbrooke, firefighters responded to a hazardous materials call at the Soucy-Techno manufacturing facility. Sherbrooke fire department operations chief, Alexandre Groleau was on the scene. “We arrived and quickly detected an acidic atmosphere in the building,” he said.
The firefighters on the scene were not from just any unit. They were part of a specialized hazardous materials response team. Wearing green “level B” hazmat suits and a breathing apparatus, the team entered the facility to determine what was the source of the acidic atmosphere.

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