Fish hatching from Magog to Baldwin’s Mills

By Taylor McClure – Special to The Record
Fish hatching from Magog to Baldwin’s Mills
Balwin's Mills fish hatchery - P020 E.T. Heritage Foundation fonds (Photo : ETRC)

The Magog fish hatchery was established around 1880 near the Dominion Textile factory as a result of the efforts of Hon.CC Colby, Hon. John Thorton, and A.H. Moore, who were all deemed instrumental in getting the hatchery up and running and maintaining it in its early years.

The hatchery was one of the first of its kind in Canada and in 1879. It put Quebec second to the Maritimes for the exportation of fish, and the industry only continued to expand in the following years.

According to Record archives, in 1909, there were a million and a half eggs in the hatchery ready to be hatched and taken care of by officials H.R. Merry and A.L. Deseve.

It is in these hatcheries that the eggs and fish are nursed through the most critical part of their life. They are then transferred to a lake or river.

In 1915, the provincial government took over the Magog hatchery following the purchase of the Fish and Game Club hatchery at Lake Lyster in 1905.
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