Fitch Bay church repair funded by local community members

By Aiden Wilson, Special to The Record
Fitch Bay church repair funded by local community members
Re-opening ceremony held inside the newly renovated Saint Matthias Anglican Church (Photo : Aiden Wilson)

The Saint Matthias Anglican Church in Fitch Bay held its grand re-opening this weekend following the completion of renovations which were made possible by local volunteers.
While the church had still been holding services for some time, the occasion was meant to celebrate and recognize the hard work of the community members who raised the funds and manpower necessary to fix up the institution.
James McGregor is a member of the committee which manages the local buildings, the same committee that also made the renovation project possible.
“The church was falling apart,” he said. “The congregation was really diminished, like eight or nine people, and they were no longer in a position to keep the church running, even less so to fix it up. What resulted was people raised money and got the work done through private donations. As part of that deal, the church committed itself to working with the community to make the buildings useful and used.”
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