Food banks dealing with inflation, lack of workers

By Michael Boriero
Food banks dealing with inflation, lack of workers
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Moisson Estrie General Manager Geneviève Côté has been forced to increase the organization’s monthly budget, as inflation continues to impact food prices across the country.
The organization, which provided food to 28,000 people in need in the Eastern Townships last year, is also receiving fewer donations. With less food coming in, Côté has been purchasing items like meat, flour, milk, bread, and peanut butter, which grocery stores used to send over.
“These were things that we rarely bought and now we’re buying them in large quantities, and the cost of all of this food has also increased, so if in the past our budget was about $7,000 per month, well now it’s not rare for us to pass $20,000 per month,” she told The Record.
According to Côté, the situation is like a double-edged sword. There is an increase in demand for food and support, but the price of food has skyrocketed, she explained, and with general inflation — cost of gas, materials, cars — Quebecers are finding themselves in a tough spot.
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