Former Brome Lake pharmacist faces five-month suspension

By Gordon Lambie
Former Brome Lake pharmacist faces five-month suspension

Last week the disciplinary council of Quebec’s order of pharmacists issued a five-month sanction to the former owner of the Familiprix pharmacy in the Town of Brome Lake, Jean-Raphaël Itoua. The decision is in response to several code of ethics violations related to administering COVID-19 vaccines without receiving the proper training to do so in the fall of 2021.
The disciplinary council ruling outlines five charges against Itoua: 1) administering a medication for the purposes of a vaccination without having completed the necessary training to do so 2) failure to compile a proper vaccination record for each patient 3) Allowing a person other than those referred to in the pharmacists’ code of ethics to administer a vaccination 4) Obstructing the work of the order of pharmacists’ investigator by providing false information, and 5) failing to respect an agreement with a representative of the order.
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