Former editor remembers friend and mentor

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Former editor remembers friend and mentor
(Photo : Record Archives)

Submitted by James Duff
(James Duff was editor of The ­Sherbrooke Record from 1977 to 1980)

I met George Maclaren in the summer of 1977. He and several partners had just purchased the Sherbrooke Record from Conrad Black, Peter White and David Radler who were ready to move on to bigger endeavours. George was looking for an editor looking for a challenge. A mutual friend, Gazette columnist Glen Allen, told George to give me a call. I was a former Gazette reporter and desker, now assistant city editor at the Montreal Star, looking for escape options. Everyone at the Star knew the pressmen were headed for a strike. What we didn’t know was the strike would kill Montreal’s largest newspaper. See full story in the Tuesday, September 4 edition of The Record.

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