Former Hells Angels land back on the market

By Michael Boriero
Former Hells Angels land back on the market

The land where Sherbrooke residents could once catch a glimpse of the former Hells Angels bunker was sold in May. However, just six months later, the new owners have decided to put the property back on the market for nearly double the original price tag.
René Roy and Dany Sévigny purchased the land from the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) for $775,000. The Quebec government took over control of the land in 2009. It was offered to the municipality for $538,000 last year, but city council turned it down.
Now Roy and Sévigny have listed the property for $1.9 million, about $1.2 million more than what it cost them to buy the land in the first place. And all they had to do was wait six months. The only caveat to prospective buyers is that the land is in one of the city’s conservation zones.
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