Foster saw mill: A little piece of Townships history

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Foster saw mill: A little piece of Townships history
(Photo : Taylor McClure)

By Taylor McClure, Special to the Brome County News – The Brome County News recently sat down with down with Christian St-Pierre, Jean-Yves St-Pierre, Leigh Dufresne, and Louis Delorme to talk about and visit the St-Pierre saw mill in Foster, a small town located near Brome Lake. The saw mill, which was purchased by the St-Pierre family in 1926, will be torn down in the next couple of weeks, and prior to that time, the family wanted to share the history and significance of the mill to this area of the Eastern Townships. It is believed that the St-Pierre saw mill in Foster has been a part of that area since the end of the 19th century. After researching the saw mill’s mechanics, Christian stated that they indicate that the saw mill was in the area since at least the late 1890’s. The saw mill entered the St-Pierre family following its purchase by Ernest St-Pierre, grandfather of Christian and Jean-Yves, in 1926. When first purchased, the property only contained the saw mill and a small shack. Ernest and his three boys, one of them being Christian and Jean-Yves’ father, worked the mill together. See full story in the May 14 edition of the Brome County News.

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