Four temporary bike lanes for the summer in Sherbooke

Record Staff

The City of Sherbrooke will set up four new temporary bicycle corridors, which will be accessible from July to September, to better meet the needs of cyclists, who are currently increasing in numbers.
The new sections will be located :
– On de l’Université Boulevard and on Galt Street West, between Bachand and Jean-Paul II Streets;
– On des Fusiliers, Camirand and Ball Streets, between Belvedere South and Wellington South;
– On Galt Street East, Bowen Street South and Jean-Maurice Street, between Lavigerie Boulevard and Saint-François Street South;
– On Galt Street West, between John Paul II and Belvedere South, via Courcelette North and South, Short and Rand Streets.
Bicycle corridors will be delineated in a variety of ways, including the installation of road markers and the occasional elimination of a traffic lane for motorists or parking spaces.
In a press release Marc Denault, President of the Centre de mobilité durable de Sherbrooke pointed out that Sherbrookers are on par with the global trend to reappropriate the bicycle as a means of active transportation and to reduce car travel.
As cyclists are becoming more and more numerous, Denault said they require safe corridors for their travel. “These four new temporary sections should help meet their needs,” Denault said.
“Since transportation is the largest generator of greenhouse gasses, these pilot projects are consistent with the climate emergency declaration that the City signed in November 2018 as well as Sherbrooke’s desire to reduce GHGs on its territory by 30 per cent by 2030,” added Karine Godbout, City Councillor and Chair of the City of Sherbrooke’s Environment Committee.
A fifth section on King Street West, between Jacques-Cartier Boulevard and Montcalm Bridge is currently under evaluation. A consultation with the owners of waterfront businesses will be held over the next few weeks for a potential completion at the end of August for a period of one month.
The decision to create temporary bicycle lanes was made in consultation with the Centre de la mobilité durable and Vélo Urbain Sherbrooke, so that the needs of bike users in Sherbrooke could be met. The creation of the bicycle lanes will require an investment of $50,000 from the City of Sherbrooke.

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