­Friendship Day ­president addresses cancellation fears

By Gordon Lambie

Late last week The Record was contacted by a few concerned community members based on a rumour that Lennoxville’s Friendship Day celebrations were going to be cancelled in 2020 in order to give more priority to the end-of-summer street festival. Reached for comment on matter, however, the new Friendship Day planning committee president said that fans of the annual celebration of community don’t need to worry.
“Those are just rumours” said Kelly Reid, who stepped into her new role after the retirement of former President Karl Hunting, saying that the day will go ahead as usual on June 13 this year. Reid speculated that the rumours might be rooted in the ongoing conversation about the future of the hometown holiday’s annual parade. “Karl had the parade,” she offered by way of explanation, pointing out that the retirement of Hunting and fellow longtime organizing committee member Gerry McNab left some big shoes to fill and new tasks to be figured out. See full story in the Monday, Feb. 3 edition of The Record.

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