Funding to improve services for caregivers

Record Staff

An amount of $729,700 will be invested by the provincial government in the Estrie region to improve the services offered directly to caregivers. The funds, which will be distributed and paid out to all health and social services institutions in Québec, will be used to improve respite services, psychosocial support, presence-monitoring, information, training, emergency assistance and more. The goal of the is to strengthen access, quality, fluidity and relevance of the services offered to all family caregivers, whether they are seniors or persons with a mental health disorder, a physical disability, an intellectual disability, an autism spectrum disorder, and so on. In Québec, one-quarter of the population aged 15 and over, or approximately 1,675,000 people, is a family caregiver. See full story in the Tuesday, Feb. 11 edition of The Record.

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