Fundraisers underway for Battala-Charris family

By Gordon Lambie


Last week the Battala-Charris family left Sherbrooke for Spain after failing to delay or get around a deportation order.
This week Marc Nadeau and Audrey Pinsonneault are hard at work on efforts to get them back
“Our intention is to raise about 15,000,” Nadeau said, explaining that the family is responsible for paying a penalty to the Canadian Government as well as their airfare to Spain and then back again, once approved for permanent residency. He also noted that the baseline fundraising goal does not account for costs the family might incur in getting settled again upon their return.
At the moment Nadeau and Pinsonneault have established two ways for people to help raise funds. The first is an online campaign through the crowdfunding website Gofundme, and the second is a fundraiser held in association with Sherbrooke’s annual Christmas party for the Colombian community.


See full story in December 3, 2019 Record

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