Galt Christmas basket campaign supporting 26 families

Galt Christmas basket campaign supporting 26 families

By Lawrence Belanger

Local Journalism Initiative


Kristal Maguire was busy preparing gift baskets for the holiday season at the Lennoxville Provigo Dec 14, operating near the checkout aisles of the grocery store for the sixth consecutive year.

Maguire, Galt Regional’s Spiritual Life & Community Outreach Animator, works with the Lennoxville Provigo each year, using monetary donations collected through the high school to purchase supplies for between 20 to 30 gift baskets.

According to Maguire, these baskets have food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus turkey and carrots, potatoes, as well as vegetables for fruit for Christmas.

“We’re even able to give them a Christmas log and some cute little goodies for the kids and some toiletries too,” Maguire said, adding, “compared to other years, what I’m seeing is a lot of people need [food assistance] on a more constant basis.”

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