Galt model parliament students weigh in on the federal election

By Gordon Lambie

There is nothing like an election to get people talking, regardless of whether or not they are of voting age. This past Wednesday morning, the students in Alexander Galt Regional High School’s enriched English and History program were immersed in the world of federal politics as they analyzed a recent leaders’ debate in small groups before discussing their observations together as a class. Each of the groups focused on a different topic, with the options including the environment, polarization human rights and immigration, national and local leadership, indigenous affairs, affordability and economic security, a nonverbal analysis, and how the different leaders presented. The conversation around climate change and the environment underlined the importance the students assign to that subject, while also pointing out the difficulties even a small group can have in trying to come up with functional solutions. In an echo of the national debate, students were of two minds about the idea of a carbon tax and how it might impact Canadians. See full story in the Friday, Oct. 18 edition of The Record.


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