Galt West work to start next week and last through the summer

By Gordon Lambie – Local Journalism Initiative
Galt West work to start next week and last through the summer
An artist’s rendering of what Galt Street West will look like once finished, including the 116 unit social housing project that is currently being revised. (Photo : Courtesy)

Drivers whose commutes include the section of Galt Street West between Belvédère South and Alexandre streets should prepare themselves a long-term detour. Beginning next Monday, April 4, the long-anticipated reconstruction of the major thoroughfare will begin, closing the road to most traffic until at least the beginning of August.

The work to come will be significant, involving a reconstruction of the subterranean infrastructure in the sector, followed by a reconfiguration of the street itself to better meet the goals outlined in the city’s downtown sustainable development and active transit plans. Excavation work will begin closest to Alexandre Street, with new pipes to be laid and covered by mid-June. Concrete work and the installation of new streetlights and stoplights will follow, with final repaving after that. The final plan for the redesigned road includes the addition of new plants and trees, although these are due to be installed after the major work is complete, beginning in either late summer or early fall and continuing in 2023 when the city plans to overhaul the nearby Alfred-Élie-Dufresne Park.

Over the course of the time the work is underway, an effort will be made to maintain access to businesses in the sector, as well as pedestrian passages. It should be noted, however, that users of these accessways can expect delays or interruptions brought on by active work crews in the area. Signal teams will be in place in an effort to maintain safety and security during the project.
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