General strike at the U de S

By Gordon Lambie

On Monday the SCCCUS, the Université de Sherbrooke’s contract faculty union, declared a general, unlimited strike following a breakdown in negotiations regarding their collective agreement. As a result the vast majority of courses taught by the 2,550 members of the labour union have been suspended until further notice. According to Vincent Beaucher, the President of the SCCCUS, the labour dispute revolves mainly around an effort to improve a number of different aspects with regard to working conditions.
“We want more recognition of our implication in the university,” the president said, “yes we lead courses, but we are also involved in a number of other areas such as program committees and faculty councils.” Beaucher said that the SCCCUS’ demands with regard to salaries level the demands are very simple, with basic adjustments for inflation and consideration of the rates at other major ­Quebec Universities to be take into account.  See full story in the Wednesday, March 11 edition of The Record.

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