Généreux looking to rebuild healthcare in Quebec

By Gordon Lambie – Local Journalism Initiaitve
Généreux looking to rebuild healthcare in Quebec
Quebec Solidaire leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois with Dr. Mélissa Généreux and Sherbrooke MNA Christine Labrie (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

As announced on Sunday, Quebec Solidaire Spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was in Sherbrooke on Monday morning to confirm that former regional public health director Dr. Mélissa Généreux will be running as a candidate for the Saint-François riding in this fall’s elections.

“Dr. Généreux has made her mark here in the Estrie but has become an authority on public health across Quebec in recent years,” Nadeau-Dubois said, noting that Généreux was at the head of the regional public health department in the wake of the Lac-Mégantic disaster and played a leading role in addressing the physical and mental health consequences of those events in the years that followed. “I consider Dr. Genereux’s arrival among the ranks of Quebec Solidaire to be a powerful signal to all of the people of Quebec that the party is the most credible in its efforts to rebuild the healthcare system following the pandemic.”

Généreux said that she felt called to politics by a desire to be a bigger part of the discussion around health in the province.
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