Generosity strikes again

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Generosity strikes again
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Eager for some sweet treats, customers flocked to a mobile Queues de Castor or beaver tail food truck in Ayer’s Cliff over the weekend.
The truck owner, Sylvain Ayotte, pledged 15 per cent of sales from the beaver tails to the Massawippi Valley Health Centre (MVHC).
By Sunday night, a total of $1,700 had been raised.
The food truck spent the weekend in the parking lot of Marché Tradition, owned by Guy Patry, a long-time supporter of the health centre.
Community-owned, the not-for-profit rural cooperative delivers health care close to home in a small, bilingual setting. The centre has doctors, nurses, and health professionals who proactively counsel on illness prevention, providing a local, easy to access supplement to regional hospitals and Emergency Rooms.
For more information on the clinic and membership, consult the website at or telephone 819-838-1082.

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