Genticorum: tradition meets innovation

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Genticorum: tradition meets innovation
Québec trad group Genticorum is composed of Nicholas Williams, Pascal Gemme, and Yann Falquet. (Photo : Courtesy)

By Emilie Hackett
Special to the Record

Like many performers from Québec, Genticorum often find their success outside of the province. Although the lyrics to their songs are in French, they have toured Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe, and non-English speaking countries such as Egypt and Malaysia. Focusing on the traditional dance music of Québec, with Celtic and folk tones, the trio is composed of Yann Falquet, Pascal Gemme, and newcomer Nicholas Williams, replacing Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand. Falquet and Gemme are responsible for vocals, as well as the guitar and jaw harp for Falquet, and the fiddle for Gemme. As for Williams, he plays the wooden flute and the accordion. All three members contribute to percussions by clogging, essentially rhythmic foot tapping. This eclectic mix of traditional instruments contributes to the group’s popularity, especially on the international scene. See full story in the Friday, September 28 edition of The Outlet.

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