Glitch at the polls – Voters told they already cast a ballot

By Samantha Young

By Matthew McCully

The Record was contacted yesterday by citizens who went to vote at the St. George’s polling station in Lennoxville for the Saint François riding and were told that they had already voted in the advance poll.
According to Saint-François Returning Officer Marjorie Tyroler, the issue was the result of human error, but did not mean that another vote had been cast in someone else’s name.
“People make mistakes,” Tyroler said, “It happens every election.”
In the 20 years she has worked as a returning officer, Tyroler said she has never heard of a person who succeeded in voting twice.
The concerned citizens who contacted The Record were worried that a vote had been cast in their name for ‘who knows which party.’
Tyroler said that does not happen.
More likely, when the names of voters who presented in the advance polls were entered into the register, an error was made.
As for the people who were told they had already voted, they were still permitted to cast a ballot after making a solemn declaration that they were who they said they were, and this was their first and only vote in the current election.

See full story in October 2, 2018 Record

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