Global Excel weathering the storm

By Gordon Lambie

At a time when companies large and small across the world are facing new and unexpected challenges as a result of the rise of the novel coronavirus, Global Excel Spokesperson Mireille Dionne says that the local cost containment and claims management company is doing well, even if it has to change and adapt to stay on top of the situation. “Obviously there’s no question that there’s a health situation that’s evolving rapidly and we’re following it on a weekly, daily, and probably hourly basis,” Dionne said. “It’s already been disruptive to many businesses across the globe, and we’re no different.”
As a company whose work is tied directly to the worlds of global travel and healthcare, it is not surprising that a global pandemic would be disruptive, but the company spokesperson said that from the early onset of the crisis, Global Excel has taken measures to provide for the health and safety of its employees. See full story in the Monday, March 30 edition of The Record.

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