Golf clubs soon to give the green light

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Golf clubs soon to give the green light
Meaghan Patterson driving (Photo : Meaghan Patterson)

The Golfing season is expected to resume shortly as many clubs in the region prepare their courses for the spring season.  Expectations are high for fans of the sport as they await the day they can finally step back on the greens and enjoy their 2022 season.

While some clubs are set to open in the coming weeks, the official dates have yet to be set in stone as weather and moisture are the two deciding factors for each club.  “It’s all about the condition of the golf course,” said Éric Taylor, general manager of Dufferin Heights Golf Course.  “We have to give the course enough time to dry out after the winter season to limit the damage that golf carts can do to the course and to make sure the greens are in their proper conditions.”  Determining when these proper conditions will arrive has been difficult for many clubs, especially with the recent snow and rain seen in certain areas of the townships.  This is especially true for clubs like Dufferin Heights which is forced to open later in the season due to its high elevation.  For these reasons, clubs like Dufferin Heights set a projected opening period rather than specific dates, allowing more flexibility to adapt to weather changes.  With end of April, beginning of May being the usual date of opening, both Dufferin and the players are eagerly awaiting the new season.
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