Golf clubs witness a surge in memberships

Golf clubs witness a surge in memberships
Lennoxville Golf Director Bert Collins (Photo : Record Archives/Matthew McCully)

By Michael Boriero

With team sports still on pause in the province due to the ongoing pandemic, many Quebecers have turned to individual outdoor sports, like golf and tennis, as they seek ways to stay active, interact with friends and family, and bring a little normalcy back into their lives.
Last year, people rushed to golf courses all across the province, after the Quebec government deemed the sport meets health and safety measures. And that wave has carried over into 2021. Clubs are also noticing a significant membership increase in the younger population.
“I think the young people are doing that also; they couldn’t play soccer, they couldn’t play baseball, so they started golf and this year, we had 270 members last year, and we’re close to 400 now,” said Guy Faucher, golf director at Milby Golf Club.

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