Good Eggs visit: Chez Matante

Good Eggs visit: Chez Matante

By William Crooks


It was 19 degrees, a little humid, and overcast – much better than the forecast had predicted. I was unhappy with my new haircut. My mother insisted later that it looked alright, but $40 should get you better than alright. I had shown the barber a picture of what I wanted and ended up getting something comparable to what I could have gotten for half the price just down the street. $40 should get you picture-level hair, shouldn’t it? Perhaps I’m being unreasonable…

On from Lennoxville, through Johnville and Martinville to St. Edwidge to meet the other Good Eggs at Chez Matante for breakfast. I arrived a little early and took in a breath of fresh air. Chez Matante is both on the outskirts of town and near its center, a feat made possible by St. Edwidge’s diminutive size. The restaurant is located in Parc Beausoleil, essentially a baseball field, swing set, parking lot and a few picnic tables. It’s a near certainty a homerun has hit a nearby ruminating cow at some point in the past.

The building has a certain charm and sports a small, covered terrasse decorated with various knickknacks and curios. Lights are strung up that seem a little out of place during the summer, especially in the daytime. The other Good Eggs arrived; we were four in total today. It was nearly noon and the place was almost empty. The dining room can seat perhaps 40 at maximum capacity and is cozy, with old-timey pictures and St. Edwidge-related books on a bookshelf in a nook in the back wall.

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