Good Eggs visit: Dufferin Heights

Good Eggs visit: Dufferin Heights

By William Crooks


I specifically remember the building of the 410 was promised to reduce traffic in Lennoxville. I know, I know, the current construction on Queen slows things up, but it was still bad before that even started. I’ve been in and out of Lennoxville since 1990. I recall the days, before the main intersection in town was modified, when large trucks had to go up on the sidewalk to make that turn east towards Cookshire. The war monument used to be on a little island of concrete there, before it was moved near the town hall. Admittedly, the 410 is very useful. I can get to Walmart now in about ten minutes. And there are less trucks going through the intersection. But, on my way home from work, the traffic is bumper to bumper from Bishop’s all the way back to the Lion. It takes me 20 minutes to go three clicks. Why? Are that many people coming down the 410 into Lennoxville and then heading into Fleurimont across the bridge? It doesn’t make sense. Not to mention when a train comes through town…

It was a warm and sunny fall day, and my trip to Dufferin Heights to meet four other Good Eggs for breakfast was sublime. The leaves are turning and life is good. I used to golf with my late grandfather at Dufferin Heights many years ago, so the place has a certain significance for me. I teed off on the tenth hole the first year it existed. The view west is still spectacular. The clubhouse has a huge patio positioned to take advantage of the landscape, but, from where we were sitting inside, it was an obstacle. The walls and ceilings inside are white and crisp, the furniture new and modern-looking. At least 50 can fit in the clubhouse and another 50 on their porch. Half the place was set up for a coming wedding reception. We were nearly the only ones there.

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