Good Eggs visit: Restaurant 108

Good Eggs visit: Restaurant 108

By William Crooks


To sport a moustache or not to sport a moustache? That is the question! Much can go into the consideration of what facial hair style to adopt, if any, as a man. Beards, goatees, moustaches etc. actually require more maintenance than one might think, if one wants to remain a part of polite society. In my youth, I toyed with full beards, even mutton chops, but recently I decided to try out a simple moustache to see how it felt. After some trial and error, trimming, adjusting length and width (past or in line with the corner of the mouth?), I have opted to go back to the simpler and classic clean-shaven look. While some form of facial hair is more masculine and, if done properly, distinguished, shaving completely is safer and, honestly, easier. It may be an old wives’ tale (I refuse to look it up to find out), but being clean-shaven is said to have been made popular by the ancient Romans. A beard is a safety hazard in battle, for your enemy can grab it, controlling your head to gain tactical advantage. Thus, I consider my morning routine as an effort to be battle-ready, just in case I run into any barbarian hordes on my commute to the office in the morning…

It was 20 degrees and overcast as I made my way up route 108, past Galt, past many rows of Christmas trees, to Restaurant 108 in Birchton, just east of Cookshire. The place is right off the highway beside a gas station, so its location isn’t exactly picturesque. I parked near the back of the building and was surprised to notice a large, covered terrasse at its back – one that, seemingly, no one really uses. The parking lot was almost full and so was the restaurant, which could fit maybe 50 patrons at most. The interior is brick and very ‘Rolling Stones’ (painted black), with large, red-seated booths. Two other Good Eggs joined me for my meal.

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