Grab a meal and a beer with Probex

Grab a meal and a beer with Probex
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A unique boutique will open up on Galt West in Sherbrooke thanks to a new partnership between The Probex Group and Bières Dépôts Au Vent du Nord.
The new shop, replacing the thrift shop previously managed by Probex, will specialize in the sale of microbrewery beer from Quebec and ready-to-eat meals prepared by Geneviève Roy, formerly chef of Auberge le Cliff in Ayer’s Cliff.
The opening date of the new shop has not yet been determined, but the official inauguration is planned for the coming months.
The Probex Group is a social enterprise, well established in Sherbrooke, which offers educational activities, services to individuals and businesses, and helps with housing for people with functional limitations. The group operates business divisions with a mission is to promote the training, inclusion and social participation of its trainees.
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