Grace Village construction ahead of schedule

By Gordon Lambie
Grace Village construction ahead of schedule

Walking through the interior of the new building at Grace Village in Huntingville, the untrained eye sees a great construction site. Greg Bishop, the Executive Director of the Massawippi Retirement Communities sees things a little bit differently. Where wooden supports, lines in the concrete floor, and pipes or wires sticking up out of the concrete foundation give vague hints of the future layout, Bishop describes, in present tense, a library, a kitchen, a café, and a clinic.

“This building brings together best practices from a number of different homes we visited,” the executive director said, explaining part of the process that went into the design of the new pavilion. “Bringing them all together is what makes the space unique.”

Now endowed with windows, walls and a complete roof, the new structure looks nearly complete from a passing glance at the outside. The structure still lacks doors and a number of interior walls, not to mention a great deal of finishing, but given the progress that has been made since the groundbreaking in July, it is not hard to believe that the work being done by the Tijaro construction company will be finished as planned by the end of May, 2017.

“It’s construction so that’s give or take a little bit,” Bishop clarified. “They’re a little bit ahead of schedule right now and we’ll need a few weeks to train our staff in the building.”

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