Granby children found in deplorable conditions

Record Staff

Following media reports of a serious case of negligence in Granby, Lional Carmant, Minister of Health and Social Services, ordered that Youth Protective Services (DPJ) of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS be put under trusteeship Thursday. According to a report from Radio Canada, a complaint was filed in February of 2019 regarding four children between 5 and 11 years old living in horrific conditions in an apartment in Granby. It took five months before someone from the DPJ investigated the case. The initial decision was that the children should remain in the home, which had no electricity, and there were 12 dogs-three adult, nine puppies- living there, defecating on the floor regularly. The children were apparently sleeping several to a bed on dirty mattresses with no sheets, surrounded by dirty dishes, some covered with mold. It wasn’t until November when an inspector from the local fire department visited the home and pointed out the unsanitary conditions and the fire hazard from extension cords running from a neighbour to provide electricity to the home that the DPJ recommended the children be remanded to foster care. See full story in the Friday, March 6 edition of The Record.

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