Granby Zoo sees first hatching of an Andean condor egg!

Granby Zoo sees first hatching  of an Andean condor egg!

The Granby Zoo welcomed its first Andean Condor chick last Saturday.

Photo credit : Screenshot from Granby Zoo video

Record Staff

After several years of unsuccessful breeding attempts with Andean condors, the Granby Zoo has seen the birth of its first hatching a few days ago.
The zoo acquired its Andean condor couple in 2010, which had already been united at the San Diego Zoo-Safari Park in 2002. Although the female and male are already aged 18 and 29-years-old, this is the first time they have become parents. These birds are sexually mature at the age of seven and can breed up to 50 years, which is very promising for the future.
A camera has been installed in the nest, allowing animal care technicians to keep a constant eye on the family without disturbing them. It is also thanks to this camera that we could distinguish the small crest on the head of the chick, which confirms that it is a male. See full story in the Friday, August 10 edition of The Record.

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