Grand opening of Brad’s Gourmet storefront

Grand opening of Brad’s Gourmet storefront
(Photo : David Rossiter)

David Rossiter
Special to The Record

March 30 will be a momentous day for father and daughter, Brad and Jessica Laurie. The two are partners in Brad’s Gourmet, opening the doors of their new shop on 127 Queen Street in Lennoxville on Tuesday.
As previously reported in The Record, this isn’t your typical pizza joint. Brad’s Gourmet sells you “Everything you need to make amazing pizza at home, from top to bottom.” The focus of the shop is the homemade dry pizza dough mix sold in 300g packages, that Laurie has sold to a faithful customer base for years now. “The dough mix is made with simple, good ingredients and is designed so that it is easy for anyone to use, follow the instructions and make a gourmet pizza dough,” he said.

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