Guess who’s coming to Gillygooly

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Guess who’s coming to Gillygooly
Following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia, Superior Court Judge Kevin Whitaker took off his robe and picked up a paint brush to explore his creative side while raising money for Parkinson’s and LBD research. He is seen here with his wife Marie Moliner, beside one of his paintings that will be shown this weekend at the Gillygooly Gallery in Hatley Township. (Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully

Rosa Parks. Hannah Arendt. Joan of Arc. Frida Kahlo. Emma Goldman. Just a few of the women who, based on their accomplishments, artist Kevin Whitaker believes would have merited an invitation to The Last Supper. Their portraits, along with several others, will be featured in Whitaker’s upcoming art exhibition at the Gillygooly Gallery in Hatley Township this weekend. The show is called The Last Supper (Guess who’s coming to dinner). See full story in the Thursday, August 23 edition of The Record.

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