Halloween Village transforms into candy delivery service for Ayer’s Cliff residents

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Halloween Village transforms into candy delivery service for Ayer’s Cliff residents

Although the pandemic forced Ayer’s Cliff to cancel its Halloween Village, event organizers still plan to deliver candy to all of the would-be trick-or-treaters in the area.
Mike Crook, president of the Halloween Village Committee, told The Record that families can fill out registration forms on the official Facebook page to notify his team on the children eligible for a candy give-away in the area.
“We feel very bad for the kids that so many activities for them are cancelled that we’re just trying to find a way to have something a little fun and safe, of course,” said Crook.
This is the fifth edition of the Halloween Village, according to the president, so he wants to do something special, regardless of losing an actual party in the park. The committee won’t be giving out pillow cases full of candy, Crook explained, but it will be significant.
The plan is to give out a bigger version of what kids would expect to receive visiting a normal household, plus additional small gifts will be included in the loot bag. At the very least, this will give trick-or-treaters in Ayer’s Cliff something to look forward to, Crook added.
“We’re going to see how many responses we get, so basically we’re going to get so much candy and we’re going to divide it over the number of responses we get, so in a sense the smaller the response the bigger the treats will be,” he said with a chuckle.
While the town hasn’t officially cancelled Halloween, Crook believes the government is in the process of making its final decision on whether to allow children to go door-to-door this year. He won’t be surprised if they determine it’s too much of a health concern at this point.
“We love doing it personally, but a lot of time it’s a lot of older people that love doing that for the kids and it’s just too dangerous, we don’t want to put people at risk,” Crook said.
The committee will deliver candy and treats to children on Halloween, but people need to register, he continued. Crook is encouraging residents to visit https://www.facebook.com/ayerscliffvillagedhalloween if they want to register their families for the altered event.

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