Happy new SADD members in Mansonville

By Mable Hastings
Happy new SADD members in Mansonville
In photo-left to right: Jacob Vanier, Zennon Fournier, Ethan Ball, Amelya Jersey and Mya Gardner. Members absent from photo: Alexis Eldridge, Vicky Gaulin and Dakota Paige (Photo : Courtesy)

On Saturday, January 29, the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre(CABMN) Students Against Destructive Decisions(SADD) Mansonville Chapter was able to hold its first gathering of 2022. The group of five members (Alexis Eldridge, Mya Gardner, Vicky Gaulin, Amelya Jersey and Dakota Paige) welcomed two additional members (Zennon Fournier and Jacob Vanier) to the group.

The day began with a discussion with the two new members and then the theme of the day was shared: “We’re all in the same boat.” Throughout the day a variety of activities, games and team building revolved around the theme and while this is always a lot of fun; it also allows for a lot of reflecting and discussion. Members were given their long-awaited SADD sweaters and helped to determine upcoming fundraising and other activities that the group will partake in over the coming months is the Pandemic allows.

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