Hatley’s Canada Day tentative as issues continue to disrupt planning

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Hatley’s Canada Day tentative as issues continue to disrupt planning
Hatley's Canada Day parade in 2015 (Photo : Matthew McCully)

The plans have yet to be solidified for Hatley’s Canada Day as the organizing committee has yet to finalize their decision on the matter. Though they have faced many issues leading up to this year’s celebration, members of the community are hopeful that the celebration will resume.

“We haven’t started planning very much yet,” said Kylie Côté, chair of the organization committee. “We’ve been waiting to see what the regulations would be and have still not made a decision on whether we will hold the event along with what the magnitude of the event will be.” The final verdict is expected to be made in the coming weeks when the committee gathers, however several important issues have come to light before the preliminary meeting.

The first setback noticed by Côté is the change in ownership for key plots of land used by the Committee for the Canada Day Parade. “Local residents and properties we used for the event have been sold to new residents, that’s not to say we can’t use the properties, but we haven’t approached those people to confirm,” said Côté. Having these new members in the community has been a joy for the Hatley area, however the change in ownership could possibly mean restricted access to that land. However, Côté doesn’t believe that the change in property owners will become an impediment to hosting the Canada Day event.
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