Have you seen this sign?

By Gordon Lambie

Shirley Knutson is putting out a call for a lost sign. Although she’s not entirely sure when it disappeared, Knutson said that her husband discovered that the sign for the Greenwood Cemetery in Waterville was missing about two to three weeks ago. “We were away, and then of course when we got back we had to self-isolate,” she said, explaining that although her husband takes care of much of the cemetery’s maintenance, the unusual circumstances kept the sign’s absence from being noticed for some time. Knutson said that she has spoken with the police and the town about the situation, as well as other local cemeteries, but has made little progress so far. Although cemetery vandalism is not unusual, Knutson hesitated to apply that label in this case because of the mysterious fact that the sign was not broken, but instead removed from its frame. See full story in the Monday, April 6 edition of The Record.

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